Ilhan Omar Speaks Up For Children of Iran, Gets Hammered Online

Representative Ilhan Omar of Minnesota, who is well known now for always taking the wrong side, just “spoke up” for the children of Iran.

“I am a child of war. I know what the toll of it looks like. The trauma of war will never leave me. If I don’t speak up for the children who would be displaced from conflict with Iran, who will,” Omar wrote on Twitter.

As you might expect she immediately took a pounding for her obvious anti-American stance on Twitter.

Trish Regan, anchor of the Fox Business network show “Trish Regan Primetime” pounced and put Rep. Ilhan Omar immediately in her place.

“What about OUR children? What about our military’s mothers and fathers defending America overseas that Iran HAS killed or WANTS to kill? Do American kids no longer matter in a delusional world,” Regan wrote.

Now THAT is what you call taking a beating!

Rep. Ilhan Omar also took a pounding from other Twitter users:

Nails it!

Ouch! Mr. Ostrovsky is absolutely right. When it comes to Omar all she cares about is scoring political points against President Trump.

Now THAT should hurt, but people like Rep. Ilhan Omar have no shame. Only raw ambition and a lust for power.

Exactly we are not at war with Iran.

Lets hope that Rep. Ilhan Omar and the rest of her “squad” gets thrown out on their anti-American ears this coming November.

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